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Office Cleaning

First impressions count.


When regularly cleaned and maintained, your office space can do more than create good first impressions on your customers and guests.  Attractive, well-maintained offices can enhance your professional image, while providing a clean, safe working environment to help everyone be more productive.

Daily, weekly or monthly schedules can be set-up to include:

General vacuuming
Dust all desks, tables, chairs & art objects
Dust pictures & tops of frames
Remove fingerprints from all doors and light switches
Clean telephones
Wipe window sills
Clean glass top tables
Vacuum and Damp Mop hard wood floors

Vacuum or shake & clean under floor mats or area rugs, straightening them

Empty all waste baskets 

Ensure all reception areas are arranged neatly

Kitchen, Break Room & Restroom Cleaning

Clean & disinfect sink

Thoroughly clean & disinfect counter tops

Spot check cabinets for fingerprints

Clean inside of microwave

Wipe down outside of all appliances

Spot wipe inside of refrigerator

Remove fingerprints from doors & light switches

Wipe down tables & chairs

Vacuum & Mop kitchen/break room floors

Stock toilet tissue, hand towels, facial tissues and hand soap
Empty waste baskets and wipe if needed, replace bin liners as required
Clean and polish mirrors
Wipe hand towel dispensers/hand dryers
Wipe down doors and sills – remove all dust and prints
Clean and sanitize all sinks
Dust partitions, tops of mirrors and frames
Remove splash marks from walls and partitions around sinks
Mop clean restroom and kitchen floors with disinfectant
Polish all brass and bright work
Vacuum and mop all hard floors
Wash & disinfect toilets & urinals, inside & out

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