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Spring & Fall Cleaning

Seasonal deep cleaning is one of our most requested services!  When we come in for a spring or fall cleaning, we'll delve into the nooks and crannies of your home, clearing our dust from places you didn't even know it had accumulated.  We will wipe down virtually every surface in your house from baseboards to ceiling fans.  The complete cleaning will cover every detail of your home.  

In addition to our traditional house cleaning, deep spring and fall cleaning services include:

Removing cobwebs

Hand washing cabinets, drawers, door frames, door jams, light switches, base boards, appliances & refrigerators (inside & out)

Wiping down & dusting picture frames, artwork, tables, chairs, furniture, window frames, window sills, sliding door tracks, blinds, fans, vents & light fixtures

Cleaning mirrors, sliding glass doors, french doors & interitor windows

Vacuuming under beds & furniture

Steam cleaning carpets & upholstery

And, whatever else it takes to make your home immaculate!

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